A Simple 2-Step Plan for the Next Four Years

Following yesterday’s shit-show in Washington I’ve realized that I need to implement a new plan to deal with what’s coming down.  After checking with my various advisors (including my orthodox son-in-law) and reading Michael Moore’s advice I realized I needed another approach.  So to keep it simple here’s my plan:

  1.  Yesterday I headed over to Costco and bought enough whiskey to last for four years.  Right now there are several barrels stacked up in my den.
  2. I have moved our card table to the center of the den and I have covered it with a bedspread that reaches to the floor.  This is my fort.  For the next four years you can find me in my fort.  I will be in my pajamas and I have a long straw.  Those of you wishing to visit me can come on by.  Don’t worry I have an extra straw.


Note:  Before I head into my fort I’ll be in the streets today marching with the women (if I can figure out what to wear).  It probably won’t be the last time.



2 thoughts on “A Simple 2-Step Plan for the Next Four Years

  1. Terrifying. I will be out in the streets today also.

  2. Wear your Whiskey and Yoga tee shirt!

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