Good News! A New Career!

I wanted to share some good news.  After floundering around for a few months as a “retiree” and a failed Olympian I’ve got a new purpose in my life.  I’m going to be a consultant in a new ground-breaking field.  The New York Times, apparently after reading my March 15 entry in Irons in the Freezer has decided I will be there expert “go to” guy on ice cubes.  It turns out they already have an expert on toast and now they want to add a consultant who can help their readers keep things “cool.”  Besides my irregular column in their fishwrap you should also look for an upcoming coffee table book on ice cubes and toast.  James Taylor has already agreed to do the forward.


More coverage of the Missing Flight—-Celebrating Earth Day

OK.  This month’s excuse for not writing more is that I’ve been totally locked into the news about the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. The coverage has been non-stop, even though to the untrained eye nothing has really happened since it disappeared a few weeks ago.  Now it seems some irresponsible editors are ready to move on with their lives (and mine) without any real answers.  I say sign a petition or write a letter and demand that they keep up covering this story. Personally I’ve looked at all the options about where that plane could be and I too, am no closer to knowing where it is.  However at this point I’m pretty sure if they do find it, it will be in the same place where all of my missing socks are.  

Turning to a different subject, my iphone let me know when I woke up today that tomorrow is Earth Day!   I think the problem with Earth Day being a holiday is that we really don’t have any great traditions, games, foods, costumes, or rituals.  I mean think about it, sacrificing a goat is really out of keeping with the whole idea of conservation and respect, so we’re out of luck there.  Nobody I know gathers around the table for an Earth Day seder or family meal of special Earth Day foods.  So I’m requesting folks submit their favorite recipes that have earth as an ingredient (mudcakes and dirty martinis don’t count) and we’ll begin working on the first Earth Day Cookbook.