Paris to Rome

The last two or three days were spent finishing up in Paris and then arriving late yesterday in Rome. Paris was cold but clear. We went over to Luxembourg Gardens and I fell asleep in the sun. Families, old people, and children all enjoyed the beauty of the day, each in their own way. I became entranced watching the children with their boats in the pond. They would push them away from the edge and then watch them sail, change direction, and then head for another part of the pond. The children would be waiting when the boat arrived and again they’d push it with their sticks out into the flow. What a change of pace from kids watching TV, doing the superhero, and then killing a bunch of folks on their video games.


In one of our long walks we came upon an outdoor photo display set up along the banks of the Seine by one of the 4,315 museums in the city. Karen and I were struck by seeing this photo which made us realize what Molly would have looked like if she joined the IDF.

That said, we had time for only one more museum, so of course, since there seems to be a museum for every kind of every thing in Paris, we selected the little known Musee de Buttes. One quick walk-through and we were out of there.

Our final morning we spent as usual with my running downstairs to bakery, scoring some croissants and other treats, then returning for a small breakfast. Then we packed up, said au revoir and headed off to Rome.

We arrived late in the afternoon and met up with Molly. Tomorrow we have an audience with Mr. Pope. Can’t write…. must eat…. more later…..


One thought on “Paris to Rome

  1. I thought that was Molly too. Where is the better butts shot taken? Can we buy for out European holidays???

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