A Disappointment and Something to Look Forward To

Today we took it pretty easy after a couple of days of hard-charging. We decided to wander over to the Picasso Museum at the recommendation of Tamara. It’s in our hood (or Arrondissement as the French quaintly call them) but we were disappointed to learn that it was closed for the year. They’re remodeling the museum and I can’t wait to see what the new staircase looks like. They’re supposed to be modeling it after Picasso’s buddy DuChamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase.


We’re also ruling out going to a number of museums including The Edith Piaf Museum (which includes not-to-be missed pieces from her personal earthenware collection according to their blurb), The Johnny Hallyday Museum (because it hasn’t been built), and the Sartre Museum because they’re thinking about building that one. Also we’ll be sure to miss the Musee de la Poupee because it sounds too nasty. It also sounds too much like my former work in the infant center.

But tomorrow there is something to look forward to. Today, a man on a street corner was kind enough to sell us some hard-to-get tickets to the annual festival of The Running of the Escargot. It takes place about 40 kilometers outside of Paris in the town of Aix-en-D’Artagnan-sur-la-Oiseaux. We plan on taking the new nuclear-powered Ultra-Fast Train (Train Ultra-Vite) which should get us there in only 4 minutes. The highlight of this fete is when all the young men in the town drink absinthe heavily, then dress in white with red accessories (they are VERY big on accessories in France I’ve discovered) and run through streets as thousands of angry snails, not smelling of garlic and butter, are unleashed behind them, all in attack mode. While the fleet of foot are generally able to keep ahead, the slowest of the men are sometimes trampled upon and then slimed by these creatures. They must live with this ignominy for the whole year until they can redeem themselves.



One thought on “A Disappointment and Something to Look Forward To

  1. We really enjoyed the running of l’escargot when we were there. It was a little sad though when they salted the street to clear away the stragglers. Very French.

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