Heading to Europe Today!

We’ve decided in our retirement that we should visit the Europeans.  There are several reasons why we’ve chosen this fabulous continent.  They include:

Being retired there’s a good chance we could continue with some of the sloth-like behavior we’ve had the last couple of days.  This could lead to some unsightly weight-gaining.  Europe, you may recall invented the tiny breakfast and then had the audacity to call it the Continental Breakfast.  Like other people on other continents don’t enjoy breakfast?  Anyway its smaller than it should be so we figured this would be good for us.  So our plan is to go to France and Italy and eat less because their breakfasts are small.

I’m crazy about petanque, bocce ball, and bullfighting.  You just can’t get enough of those in the U.S.  Now we’re only going to France and Italy so I won’t see much of the bullfighting this time and I’ll miss seeing the “suit of lights”, although they do dress fashionably in Italy and France too.  Besides in petanque and bocce the guys dress in all white (including their hair from what I’ve seen in San Francisco) so they represent a purity in sport that you don’t find elsewhere.  I also hope to find out on this trip what the difference is between petanque and bocce.

That’s enough reasons for now.

Yesterday I spent getting ready for the trip.  This consisted primarily of buying lots of converters for the electricity.  It is essential for my blow-dryer to operate properly before I hit the Rue each morning.  The reason for the electric converters is because of the Europeans reliance on nuclear energy.  Nuclear energy produces a lot of stray electrons and if they get into American appliances they can wreak havoc.  These little plug-in converters help to control all of this and help the electrons do their work (yes, I too have studied science—little known European fact, when Galileo dropped the ball from the leaning tower of Pisa,in his famous gravity experiment he used a bocce ball).

The other preparation for the trip of course is to bring plenty of reading material.  So I went yesterday over to Barnes and Noble and bought a lot of stuff I’ll need.  I bought all the European guidebooks and Michelin maps they had.  I want to make sure I don’t miss any of the recommended sites and restaurants.  It is also necessary to get a lot of enjoyable reading for this vacation.  So I headed to my favorite section, “Teen Paranormal Romance” and bought several updates to the young vampire and werewolves series I’m currently reading.  Unfortunately on this trip we won’t be able to visit Transylvania itself so I’m loading up on some books with characters who have their roots there.  Nice.Image

That’s it for today.   Gotta pack.  Air France awaits.  Can’t write….. must get on airporter……


2 thoughts on “Heading to Europe Today!

  1. We have a Bocce Ball set in the garage. I will give you a good price on it!

  2. Janie Maguire-Fong

    You are one of a kind and I love it! I will enjoy following along on this wacky journey. I want you to check out this link … it is information about how to get in to see a most amazing sculpture garden in Italy (more than a garden… 3-4 hours of walking through beautiful Italian landscapte) in the hills outside of Pistoia, Italy, about half hour from Florence. If you like art, nature, history and poetry within nature, this place is a gem, but you have to reserve in advance to arrange a tour, as it is run by a private foundation:
    The other spot I told you about earlier is the Farmacia Santa Maria Novella, on the backside of the Santa Maria Novella church near the train depot in Florence. This was where the de Medici women got their creams, teas, and potions and it has been in continual operation since then …. crema fluida “relax” is well worth a sniff and the farmacia itself is fascinating to explore.
    Happy trails….

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